First, I forgot to mention that for the last couple of months I’ve been talking to Australian radio station Vega FM about all things American. My friend Francis Leach is the afternoon host for the new radio station heard in Sydney and Melbourne. So if you happen to be in either of those cities on a Thursday afternoon, and near a radio, have a listen. It’s all part of a plan for total media domination!!

On this side of the planet, I can officially announce Wombat Productions has entered pre-production on a brand new project. We will be shooting soon. I think for now I’m not going to get too specific on the details, more from superstition rather than paranoia. I’ll feel better when some footage is in the can.

I will say the shoot should last 3 days, it involves a handful of thoroughly professional and generous actors , its written by me, it’s supposed to be funny, and I’m directing. I’ll take this opportunity to name drop and say Susannah Julien who’s been working as Production Co-ordinator on the secret film project I mentioned last time has come on board as a producer of this little endeavor.

I will also say its not a short film, its not a TV show, its something new and different. Yes thats right, we here at Wombat are pushing the media boundaries once again, and this time there’s no nudity!! (I’m kidding Mom).

We’re also hard at work preparing several more television treatments which will be released to the admiring public before Christmas. Oh and I have this idea for a play I’m currently fiddling with.

In times like this it’s important to step back and review for a moment. If it’s true we only get one go around in this particular collection of bones and gooey bits, then you better make sure you’re living a life that has at least some brief glimpses of joy and satisfaction. Otherwise, what’s the point?

I’ll keep you posted