We’re online at last!! Welcome to the news section of our shiny new website. This is supposed to be the place where I tell you what’s going on with Wombat – the very latest news on our projects, ideas, pitches, lunch selections, anything I can think of really.

But as we move forward you’ll discover this section will provide much more than just Wombat propaganda. I want you to be able to come here and maybe gather some new insight into my very favorite subject – Quantum Physics. Yep –  gotta love those atomy things.

But first – the latest Wombat News.

This is an exciting time for us. On one side, we are working with the very capable TV Producer Kieran Baker on a joint venture television series concept. We’ve identified the perfect host/subject, and we’re in the pitching process as I type. I won’t tell you too much right now, but you can assume it will involve small animals and scrabble. The World Series of Animal Scrabble – ¦now there’s a “High Concept”.

I’m also in the process of writing episodes of a very exciting, and may I say potentially groundbreaking new concept for original entertainment. Give me a couple of weeks, and I’ll expand more fully.

November will see us at our wonderful client’s Fall Meeting. The client is the Urban Land Institute. Wombat produces an audio program on Leadership for them, and we’ll be there to interview famous people. Last year’s Meeting had Rudy Guiliani and Bill Clinton –  Rudy’s interview is in on this site if you’re curious.

Thanks for visiting,  and please come back – but maybe bring cake next time?