It’s time to reveal our grand scheme. We here at Wombat have been busy creating the next big thing in the media world. Are you ready? Okay – so maybe I’m over hyping – but how about this for a concept – an original TV style story – involving the same group of characters and their life experiences – some funny, some sad, you get the idea – told in 2 minute segments, and only available online, or possibly on cell phones, or iPods. I’m not talking about cutting up an existing show into two minute slices – I’m talking about totally original internet- based content. Written by professionals, produced by professionals – none of this ‘me and my friend are documenting our life in college with a handicam because we know you’ll be fascinated’ rubbish – oh no.

But wait – that’s not all! The two minute ‘minisodes’ will live on a fully interactive website. You the viewer can read the blogs of the people involved, email them messages, be with them for live online chats, read and watch additional biographical information about them all. Imagine the possibilities! We have – and we’re in post production for the first 6 minisodes – our ‘pilot’. It’s called ‘Now or Never’

We’ll be up and running in early December – on the hunt for a home for this concept – and funding to ramp up to full speed.

I know I’m excited. If you know anyone who has a large, cash filled bank account, or perhaps a large, eyeball filled globally branded website with millions of visitors – then please let us know. We’re very excited about the concept – and so far the ‘pilot’ doesn’t suck. High praise indeed.

Also – I’m off to Australia tonight – back in December. So have a happy and safe Thanksgiving if you’re in the USA, and a happy Thursday if you’re anywhere else in the world.