Hello, and welcome to 2006.

That’s going to look really dated in a few months – but I guess I can just delete it – such it the magic of revisionist blogging capability!

So – the end of the year was busy. I’ve mentioned the ‘minisodes’ Now or Never’. We’re currently in the thoroughly enjoyable selling phase of the process…where lipstick is applied to the pig (that’s me) and I get shoved out of the safety and security of the Wombat HQ and into the cold, hard world of the internet and cell phone content deliverers. So far, reaction has been positive…but no checks have been written, so the dance continues.

One thing I probably haven’t stressed enough is the interactive nature of the idea. The aim is for viewers to be able to watch video diaries from the characters, read their blogs, send them emails, etc. Not with the actors, but with the characters…TV, film and radio doesn’t provide that opportunity. Wouldn’t it be cool to get an email from your favorite TV character? Ok – if that’s Lassie, then we may have a problem. Flipper can type…Lassie’s too dumb.

Until next time…wish us luck being nice to people.