News to tell you from the land of Wombat – let’s see…
Since last we spoke, we’ve been busy having meetings with a lot of remarkably nice people – with the hope of finding a home for our ‘minisode’ concept. I have to say the meetings have on the most part gone very well. Nothing has been thrown, no fingers pointed and no name calling.
The Wombat crew went to Las Vegas for the annual NATPE conference a couple of weeks ago. NATPE is the National Association of Television Programming Executives. Thousands of people from all over the globe descend to buy and sell all kinds of film and TV projects. There are also panel sessions, alcohol, shmooze sessions – and a lot of meetings. We were very fortunate to have a busy dance card which left little time for gambling…which is a good thing, trust me.

As this is a public blog, I’m thinking it’s probably not the place to go through everyone we’ve met with. But I will say we’ve spoken to prominent people from major, and I mean major organizations from the Internet, Television (both network and cable) and even film. It was very clear at NATPE there is a growing demand for the content we have created, which makes us very clever. It’s also clear that at this stage in the game, no one has ‘cracked the code’ – which means no-one – not the giant multinational media players, or the tiny do-it -yourself cell phone movie houses – have figured out what the public actually want from the internet and cell phone media ‘experience’. So if you have a suggestion, by all means email us – I guarantee it won’t be a stupid idea. Unless it is a stupid idea – but I’m guessing you’ll know the difference before you email.

Also – we have learned the new buzzwords – ‘monetize’, ‘platforms’, ‘online experience’, 3G (which might be 4G by now), and IPTV. Monetize is my favorite – it’s the problem everyone has right now – how to make money from this glorious thing called the internet (and cell phones that are video capable). Historians will look back on this era as a form of goldrush. Many holes were dug, and many found only dirt and disappointment. (The name of my next album) (No, I don’t make albums) (They’re not called albums anymore are they?)

Now go monetize your platform…and no, it’s not rude, or painful. Well…not rude anyway.