Happy New Year to You!

My first post for 2007 – and it is already almost February. But I have a good excuse. We’ve been busy creating and selling. Creating first – we were commissioned by the very nice and extremely handsome folks at Yahoo! to do a little video pilot for them. I’m afraid I can’t tell you what exactly it was for, or about, but I can tell you we did it, and we’re now waiting to see if it becomes a series…and if we’ll be the ones doing that too. I can also tell you it was fun, and the folks at Yahoo! are all very nice, well dressed, well spoken people.

In other news – we were in Vegas in January at the NATPE conference. NATPE stands for something to do with TV Programmers – and it’s a conference stuffed full of people buying and selling TV content. The exhibition hall is enough to make any fledgling TV producer (such as us) cry. But fortunately someone invented alcohol, so all is well.
We had a total of 10 meetings at NATPE – with everyone from Portugal TV to Fox Reality Channel. Again – no names on contracts – but some hopeful signs, and conversations are continuing. If anything good happens, I promise you’ll be among the top couple of dozen people to know.

I also think since we spoke last I got to interview Colin Powell. He’s a nice man. No, I didn’t ask him what the hell he was thinking.

Oh, I also finished a pilot script for a comedy/reality TV series set in the world of NASCAR. Plus we have a few other ideas we’re currently exploring. So fingers crossed, 2007 will see Wombat Productions rise to new heights.

As always you are welcome to register with us, or email, or call, or visit (we like cookies). And I’ll stay in touch – it’s my new year’s resolution. Right alongside world peace and more exercise.