Hello and welcome to March!

Not much new to say, but I figured since I was in the neighborhood I’d stop by.

We’ve added a new video to the ‘portfolio’ section, and also you can hear the interview I did with Colin Powell. Go on, have a listen…I dare you. The video is a little ‘preview’ for ‘The Mirror Project’ – and it was shown at a very interesting conference in Napa (Northern California) last week. Or should I say the first week of March. Because in 2 years when I’m re-reading these, I’ll have no idea what I was talking about. Okay, I suffer from that condition now.

The video attracted a little attention, and there are a few people thinking about the concept as we speak. So who knows, maybe we’ll get a chance to explore this whole concept. It was a fun conference, I learned a lot and discovered I’m not too far off base with my ‘crazy’ idea.

Back to the traditional media world – having some discussions next week about stuff. No word yet from those handsome devils at Yahoo…but I’m told good things come to those who wait. Is that really true?

I’m also off to Australia at the end of the month – which in case you’ve just arrived, is where I’m from.

Feel free to write, call, email, or visit at anytime. If you have an idea for a one hour TV scripted series, I’m all ears.