Welcome if you’re a new visitor to Wombat Productions. An extra special welcome if you found us after watching ‘Lawrence of America’ – which as of October 2009 is going to air in India, thanks to Discovery Travel and Living Channel. Every Tuesday night at 10.30pm I believe. I’m not in India, but if you are, and you saw it – please send me an email, or a comment, or something. I’ll be thrilled. I believe the series will be going to air in Israel too sometime soon.

Just to fill you in – we created and produced a 13 episode TV series for the Travel Channel here in the USA. The series, called ‘Lawrence of America’ – went to air in July 2008. Or was it June? Anyway, 10 episodes were screened, and I believe 17 people watched…so thanks to you all. Alas 17 wasn’t enough to get a second season commissioned.
Since then my wife has given birth to twin baby girls – so I would’ve been too busy for season 2 anyway.

Enough from me…just wanted to say hi. We’re alive, we’re well, and there are more of us.

Oh, and if you are reading this in India, or Israel, or somewhere else, and you liked ‘Lawrence’ – feel free to send an email to your broadcasting channel, demanding to see more episodes. We’ll gladly pick up where we left off. Or send one to me, and I’ll forward it – I promise.

Talk to you later,