Good news and bad news for you. What would you like first? Good news…I’ve been meaning to tell you I now write a weekly column for ‘The Canberra Times’ – a prestigious daily newspaper in Australia’s National Capital – which is Canberra, not Sydney. I’m writing about life in the USA – and I haven’t missed a week in the almost 2 years I’ve been doing it.  Told you I’ve been meaning to tell you.

Bad news – my wonderful comedy pilot script ‘Jenny’ – is officially dead. Turns out there’s a show on Showtime called ‘The Big C’ – which is almost identical, but not as good. One thing you can’t do as an unknown writer is pitch something that’s almost exactly the same as something else. So we’ll let this show suck for a few seasons, and then maybe Jenny will return. The road is long, but this hasn’t been a fun few months to be honest. 28 drafts. 28. My personal record, by about 26. I learned a lot.