Happy New Year!

We’ve begun 2013 in a frenzy – well maybe that’s a bit strong – we’re not running around with face paint…yet.

But I can officially welcome Melanie Mac to the team. Melanie’s been here a month and is already invaluable.

I can also say we’re doing more than we’ve ever done to secure our place as an industry powerhouse. We’ve got some great scripts, some great TV show pitches, a screenplay or two, and we’re even developing a couple of web series – which to me is the perfect way to road test the sillier ideas that pop into my head. Last time we did it, it ended up as a TV series – so you never know what will happen, as long as you’re creating, ignoring the voice in your head saying ‘no’ and having a go.

I hope your 2013 is successful – on whatever level you want it to be.

Now before I get all spiritual and quote the Dalai Lama – I shall say farewell.