About Us

Wombat Productions is a Multimedia Production Company founded by Tim Schildberger in 2005, and based in sunny Los Angeles.

Tim has been in the media since 1988 – first as a TV News Producer (and freelance soap opera script writer) in Australia before moving to the USA. Tim is a writer, producer, director, newspaper columnist, radio commentator, and tennis player. He was also ‘Field Supervisor’ on the movie ‘Borat’.

Wombat Productions has developed and produced TV series, TV commercials and web series shown all over the world. We work with the best, we believe in creating original, high quality, entertaining projects, and we never yell.

This Wombat Productions is not in any way affiliated with the New York-based Wombat Productions, producers of the award-winning Hollywood Collection documentary television specials, and also clearly, fans of our favorite Australian animal.

If you want to know more about our current projects – give us a call.


Home page Wombat photo by Elizabeth Richardson