Apologies for the lengthy delay between updates. I know you’ve been worried. Or you can follow us on Twitter for slightly more up-to-date info. Anyway – it’s been a busy year. First, the script I mentioned below ended up making the semi-finals of the Nicholls Prize, which was great. Since then we’ve been on the… Keep Reading »

We’ve been having some script successes! First, our new feature script, ‘His Son’ has made the quarterfinals of the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship. This competition is run by the Academy Award folks, and this year there were 7,251 entries from all over the world. 372 made the quarter final cut – including ours! Semi-finalists are announced… Keep Reading »

Happy New Year! We’ve begun 2013 in a frenzy – well maybe that’s a bit strong – we’re not running around with face paint…yet. But I can officially welcome Melanie Mac to the team. Melanie’s been here a month and is already invaluable. I can also say we’re doing more than we’ve ever done to… Keep Reading »

Happy Halloween! Now we have the new site, and we’ve had a bunch of meetings, it’s time to get the new material into the hands of people who will make decisions, and take us to new heights of success…just as soon as they actually read the stuff! It’s about to get busy here – I’ll… Keep Reading »

Hi again, Phew. I believe the hurricane has ceased. Jenny Craig is giving us a break – after more filming with Bre’ly, Rebel Wilson, and a big shoot with a big star – and our very own ‘Lawrence’. I got to write and direct these little comedy spots – but alas a contractual disaster means… Keep Reading »

I’m sorry for the delay. We’ve been busy! The Valerie Bertinelli shoot went very well – she was truly lovely. As were Ross and Nicole. We’ve also shot a campaign with a young actress named Bre’ly Evans – who was very glad to be there. She’s going to be in a movie called ‘Sparkle’ with… Keep Reading »

Happy New Year! Busy times here. We’ve got a full schedule of Jenny Craig ads – this time for North America! Currently organizing a shoot with Valerie Bertinelli, Nicole Sullivan, and Ross Mathews (Ross the intern from Leno). Also looks like we’ll be doing another shoot with the lovely Rebel Wilson. Tim

Hi, I’m just back from a quick trip to Australia – where I did some more filming for the Jenny Craig folks. I spent a day with a crew on the streets of Melbourne asking total strangers about their weight – we got 36 people on cam – which was exhausting, but fun. Also did… Keep Reading »

I was right! We’ve just finished shooting a new commercial for Jenny Craig Australia! One of their celebrity spokespeople lives in Los Angeles – a lady named Rebel Wilson – who’s been attracting attention in the movie ‘Bridesmaids’. We filmed over 2 days in a movie theatre, a local boxing gym, and my backyard. We… Keep Reading »

Hi. I wanted to let you know we’re still digging. I had a great meeting this month with the folks at a leading weight loss organization – it looks like they may need some assistance – and I may be able to help. A new path for Wombat? Who knows…stay tuned. Tim  

Good news and bad news for you. What would you like first? Good news…I’ve been meaning to tell you I now write a weekly column for ‘The Canberra Times’ – a prestigious daily newspaper in Australia’s National Capital – which is Canberra, not Sydney. I’m writing about life in the USA – and I haven’t… Keep Reading »

Sad news. My father, Michael Schildberger, passed away this month after a 15 year fight with prostate cancer. Most of those 15 years were spent in excellent health, but the last couple of years were a struggle. I’ve been back and forth to Australia this year – and managed to spend some quality time with… Keep Reading »

Hi – Just a quick update, as there’s not a lot going on – unless you count caring for twin baby girls as interesting news. It’s interesting to me if that helps – and they’re about to be one – which is amazing and remarkable. I’ve been working hard on a new comedy pilot script…. Keep Reading »

Welcome if you’re a new visitor to Wombat Productions. An extra special welcome if you found us after watching ‘Lawrence of America’ – which as of October 2009 is going to air in India, thanks to Discovery Travel and Living Channel. Every Tuesday night at 10.30pm I believe. I’m not in India, but if you… Keep Reading »

Hello and welcome to March! Not much new to say, but I figured since I was in the neighborhood I’d stop by. We’ve added a new video to the ‘portfolio’ section, and also you can hear the interview I did with Colin Powell. Go on, have a listen…I dare you. The video is a little… Keep Reading »

Happy New Year to You! My first post for 2007 – and it is already almost February. But I have a good excuse. We’ve been busy creating and selling. Creating first – we were commissioned by the very nice and extremely handsome folks at Yahoo! to do a little video pilot for them. I’m afraid… Keep Reading »

Sad news. Wombat has had a recent death in the family…one of the reasons for the recent quiet period. It hasn’t been much fun – but it certainly gives everything a sense of perspective. So if you’re reading this and stressing out about something you think is life or death – may I suggest you… Keep Reading »

News to tell you from the land of Wombat – let’s see… Since last we spoke, we’ve been busy having meetings with a lot of remarkably nice people – with the hope of finding a home for our ‘minisode’ concept. I have to say the meetings have on the most part gone very well. Nothing… Keep Reading »

Hello, and welcome to 2006. That’s going to look really dated in a few months – but I guess I can just delete it – such it the magic of revisionist blogging capability! So – the end of the year was busy. I’ve mentioned the ‘minisodes’ Now or Never’. We’re currently in the thoroughly enjoyable… Keep Reading »

It’s time to reveal our grand scheme. We here at Wombat have been busy creating the next big thing in the media world. Are you ready? Okay – so maybe I’m over hyping – but how about this for a concept – an original TV style story – involving the same group of characters and… Keep Reading »

First, I forgot to mention that for the last couple of months I’ve been talking to Australian radio station Vega FM about all things American. My friend Francis Leach is the afternoon host for the new radio station heard in Sydney and Melbourne. So if you happen to be in either of those cities on… Keep Reading »

It’s been busy here. I actually went back to help out on a movie project that unfortunately I can’t tell you about. But remind me when the movie’s being released, and I’ll tell you all you need to know. Sometime in 2006. Maybe. Of course if you don’t know the name of the movie, how… Keep Reading »

We’re online at last!! Welcome to the news section of our shiny new website. This is supposed to be the place where I tell you what’s going on with Wombat – the very latest news on our projects, ideas, pitches, lunch selections, anything I can think of really. But as we move forward you’ll discover… Keep Reading »